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How to choose ABRSM pieces piano

Grade Initial Piano Pieces 2023 for beginners!

The Initial Grade is a pre-Grade 1 assessment that introduce students to their musical journey while providing helpful feedback. Are you finding yourself at the earliest stage of your piano journey and thinking whether playing the ABRSM Initial Grade piano pieces 2023 is a good idea?

First, please have a listen to the 9 exam piano pieces and get a sense of their level. We are aware that the pieces selection is a crucial step towards a succesful exam. That’s why our teachers have written this free eBook to help you choose your pieces.

After making a choice, students can benefit from all the detailed insights our teachers provide on their free tutorial lessons.

Just scroll down to find your piece. Don’t panic if you can’t find it! That means it’s not been uploaded yet. But subscribing to our YouTube channel will get you notified of any new ABRSM upload. It’s absolutely free and encourages us to keep delivering the video content!

Free guidance on the Initial Grade Piano Pieces 2023

Updated on the Initial Grade syllabus


What has ABRSM changed in 2023?

The new Initial Grade 2023 & 2024 syllabus has been updated to include a total of 39 pieces. However, 21 of those still survive from the former syllabus.  As usual, students will be able to find a selection of 9 new pieces on the Initial Grade piano exam book.

How long do I have to prepare the Initial grade?

Choosing your piece from the new 2023 & 2024 syllabus, students will be able to enter an ABRSM exam from 1 January 2023 until 31 December 2024.

Further to this, the ABRSM overlap period lasting until 31 December 2025, will concede students a year extension.

    Does the ABRSM 2021 syllabus expire?

    Yes, it does on 31 December 2022.

    Regardless, students running out of time who wish to perform pieces from the 2021 & 2022 syllabus could still do so until 31 December 2023. This year extension is known as ABRSM’s overlap period.

    Discover Music Theory

    Even though you are just starting your music journey, building a solid foundation in music theory is key to become a well rounded musician.

    It does not only give students a better understading on the pieces they are playing but also boost their sight reading skills and helps them play more accurately.

    Our teachers are fully aware of it and have put together the fundamentals of music theory on this introductory online course.

    All is set to start speeding up your pace and progress on music theory from today!


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    Ángela Pagán

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    Mario Ahijado

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