Hampstead Piano Academy’s intensive piano courses are a fantastic way of keeping you or your children engaged with piano during the summer holidays and half terms. Available in different formats to suit all abilities and ages, the classes include fun practice sessions for kids,  ABRSM and TRINITY mock exams, intensive piano courses and workshops in jazz, piano duet and music theory.

Trinity and ABRSM Intensive Courses

ABRSM and Trinity Exams

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ABRSM Intensive course

5 one-to-one sessions

Grade 1-3 (30 min)

Grade 4-6 (45 min)

Grade 7-8 (1 hour)

Mock Exam included

Intensify your or your kids’ practice sessions before a graded exam and let them learn how to manage their time towards a deadline.

During this intensive course, students will have the chance to work deeply not only on their pieces but also on their scales and aural tests.

On the last session of this package, an exam simulation will be carried out by another teacher. It will recreate the exam ́s day and soothe some nerves.

Candidates will also get a professional feedback to help them build more confidence before the big day.

Join our ABRSM and Trinity Intensive Piano course and aim for an impeccable performance.

Sight Reading

Sight reading at the piano

Intensive Sight Reading

5 One-to-one lessons

 30 min

From Beginners to Grade 8

The ABRSM sight reading test is one of the main fears all students have when facing a graded piano exam.

It is also the hardest challenge where to succeed and yet pupils get very stressed about it.

While most people struggle with it, being able to read at first sight seems to be a gift only few students have.

However, bearing some tips in mind, knowing the most frenquent mistakes and being aware of the exceptions can be a relief before the exam comes.

In this course, you will learn how to analize and understand the way the exam exercises are composed. It will help you to have a better approach towards an ABRSM or Trinity sight reading test.

ABRSM Mock Exams

ABRSM mock exam at the piano

Mock Piano Exam

Warm up room

Exam simulation & written feedback

Mock Theory Exam

Exam simulation + One-to-one tutorial

The date of your exam is getting closer and you are practising hard. You are trying your best to succeed but the actual situation makes you feel anxious and unconfident. Playing for an unknown person on an unfamiliar instrument are some of the factors that might affect your performance.

Whether you are preparing a piano or music theory exam, ABRSM and Trinity Mock Exams are the best opportunity to recreate the performance day.

A warm-up room will be provided prior to the piano exam simulation. Then one of our piano teachers will asses your performance and will write a feedback sheet of your pieces, scales and supporting tests.

If you are taking the music theory mock exam, a one-to-one tutorial will be given to correct and comment the answers of your exam paper.

Join Hampstead Piano Academy to be part of our growing community of piano lovers.

Piano Courses for Adults

Piano Jazz Courses

Jazz band with piano

The Jazz Intensive Course

3 One-to-one sessions

60 minutes

Beginners to advanced

Improvisation is the way to find your individual expression and own musicality. Jazz not only helps players visualize harmony better but also finding out patterns, breaking down structures and maximizing their sight reading skills.

Regardless of the genre and level, improvisation should be part of the musical education. It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced classically trained musician; overcoming the fear of improvising can get you beyond any self-doubt and incorporate more innovative ideas into your playing.

Sign up for our jazz workshop and learn the basic principles of jazz music, how to properly build and notate chords and play your favourite tunes.

Intensive Piano

Piano intensive course

The Piano Intensive Course

3 Individual sessions

60 minutes

All levels welcome

The Classical Piano Intensive Course is made to speed your progress up in a short time. Learning the piano is one of the hobbies you enjoy but you need more extra guidance to keep your playing on the highest standard.

Whether you have some spare time or are planning some activities for the summer, including daily practice in your schedule would strengthen your fingers, maintain your hands’ dexterity and develop a solid memory. It will keep your brain on form and prevent you from being rusty in your next piano lesson!

The contents to work on would be tailored to your needs and we will push you to get closer to your goal.

Ad-hoc sessions

Busy adults piano course

One-off Piano lessons

1 individual lesson

30 / 45 / 60 minutes

All ages and levels

When students are not sure about enrolling for a yearly or intensive course, ad hoc sessions can be the best alternative.

These can be booked as one-off sessions by pupils who are not able to commit to a regular spot or prefer to have self-paced sessions.

For children, it is the ideal way to get to know their teacher better before signing up for a yearly course.

In the case of adults with a busy lifestyle, it is understandable that work and other commitments might prevent the student from taking piano lessons weekly

Regularity of attendance is crucial to a successful outcome. On the other hand, off sessions can give you the flexibility you are looking for.

Support, dedication and expertise for all ages and levels

Intensive Music Courses for all ages

Intensive Music Theory

Music Theory course for ABRSM students

ABRSM Music Theory

 5 One-to-one lessons

Beginners 30 min

Intermediate 45 min

Advanced 1 hour

Theory is the basis of musical language and the vehicle to truly understand how music works. Focusing only on practising an instrument is great but the pieces will inevitably get harder and lots of new information will begin showing up on the scores.

Therefore, understanding the elements of composition and music theory can give an answer to most of the questions students may have at any point of the learning process. The only problem is that many times there is not enough time to work on theory during the weekly piano lessons

(And this will get serious if we mention that Grade 5 theory is compulsory!)

We have the solution: sign up for our Music Theory intensive course and enhance your knowledge about music.

Kids Practice Plan

Summer music course for beginners

The Kids Intensive Course

 5 Individual sessions

30 minutes

Beginners to Intermediate

The school break is approaching and your kids will be on vacation. They will have been working hard and would deserve a break however, sometimes holidays feel too long and they get bored.

Summer and half terms are the best time for fun and relaxation, to spend more time with family and friends. But getting your kids away from the piano may not be a great idea. They might lose the skills that took them a long time to achieve.

Learning how to play an instrument is not only about attending the lessons, but also about the commitment of regular practice. Do not let the summer or half term make them fall out of the habit and reinforce all the concepts with an intensive piano course.

Try out our Kids Practice Plan and let them create a routine of practice with one-to-one coaching. Your children will progress more and will be ahead for the next term!

Piano Duet

Four hands piano duet

The Piano Duet Course

3 ensemble lessons

45 minutes

Bring a partner or play with your teacher

A Piano Duet is a chamber music ensemble formed by two people playing on the same piano. When two players share the same instrument, performing becomes excellent teamwork. Based on their mutual support, the couple’s trust will build strong confidence on stage.

In this intensive piano duet course, each individual will learn how to give and receive feedback, how to discuss different musical ideas and how to find out the way to achieve them together.

Students will learn to respect their partner’s opinion and to collaborate together by sharing the leadership of the ensemble. It will be a great opportunity for socializing but students would also need to commit to be responsible and prepared for each session.

Piano Duet is the perfect combination of fun and hard work!

Sign up for an  intensive piano course to discover a creative enviroment of music learning.


Intensive Piano course Mario Ahijado teacher HampsteadMario Ahijado

Jazz piano
Music theory

Intensive piano course Angela Pagan Piano teacher HampsteadAngela Pagan

Piano duet
Music theory





1 – Schedule

  • The schedule for the intensive piano courses will be subject to the teacher’s availability.
  • Hampstead Piano Academy will provide a personal calendar with the dates and times booked in advance.

2 – Fees

  • Fees will be paid in advance before the first lesson of the course. When fees are not paid on time, Hampstead Piano Academy reserves the right to cancel all sessions booked.


3 –  Cancellation policy

  • Hampstead Piano Academy will charge for any scheduled lessons which the student does not attend.
  • After payment, the student will not have the possibility to reschedule or makeup any session.
  • If the teacher cancels a scheduled session, the pupil will receive a lesson from a substitute teacher within the same week.
  • If the teacher, in his or her reasonable opinion, feels unable to continue tuition due to unreasonable conduct by the pupil or anyone connected with the pupil, the fees for any outstanding lessons will not be refundable and the course may be ended.

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