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Our experienced teachers, with a deep understanding of the ABRSM exam requirements, work with each student to cover the intricacies of both theory and practical components.

We appreciate the importance of exams in students’ musical journeys, and prepare them for a range of music examination boards, including ABRSM, Trinity College and LCM.

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What’s your ABRSM Piano Grade?


Our Foundation Programme is meticulously crafted to lead beginners with no previous experience from the basics to a proficient Grade 3 level.


Our Intermediate Programme is a transition from grades 4 to 6 designed for teenagers and adults who have already laid a strong foundation.


The Advanced Programme prepares more experienced students to tackle the challenging piano repertoire found in grades 7 and 8.


The new Music Performance Diplomas are official qualifications beyond Grade 8 provided by ABRSM and Trinity College.

In-depth analysis

How do ABRSM Graded Exams work?

The requirements for ABRSM exams can vary depending on the instrument being examined. However, there are some general guidelines and key elements that apply to most ABRSM exams. Here’s an overview:


Pieces are chosen from the ABRSM syllabus for the specific instrument and grade.

The repertoire includes pieces from different musical periods and styles, providing a well-rounded musical experience.

Technical Exercises

Candidates are expected to demonstrate technical proficiency on their instrument.

Technical exercises may include scales, arpeggios and other technical elements relevant to the instrument.


A sight-reading component is included in practical exams.

Candidates are given a piece of music they haven’t seen before and are required to play it, demonstrating their ability to read music in real-time.

Aural Tests

Aural tests assess candidates’ listening and musical perception skills.

Tests include identifying musical elements like intervals and articulations, as well as singing back melodies.

Music Theory is compulsory from Grade 5


Need a plan for your ABRSM Piano Exam?

At Hampstead Piano Academy, we understand that succeeding in music exams is not just about receiving a certificate but about nurturing a passion for music and fostering personal growth.

Our philosophy is to inspire students to embrace challenges, develop discipline and experience the joy of mastering their craft. Through our dedicated exam preparation program, we empower students to embrace their musical aspirations and excel in their chosen path.

We understand ABRSM Exams

A comprehensive understanding of music is our priority, helping students grasp the underlying principles and concepts that form the basis of each exam. This approach not only enhances their performance during the examination but also equips them with valuable musical knowledge that extends beyond the exam room.


Building your confidence

Our aim is to cultivate confidence in our students. We provide them with ample practice opportunities, simulate exam conditions, and offer constructive feedback to refine their skills. By addressing their areas of improvement and nurturing their strengths, we help students navigate the exam process with assurance and poise.

Personalized ABRSM Teaching

The support we offer in exam preparation extends beyond mere instruction. We consider each student’s unique learning style, pace, and goals, ensuring that our teaching is personalized to maximize their potential. This approach not only facilitates a favourable outcome in the examinations but fosters a lifelong appreciation for music.

Advantages of taking ABRSM Piano Exams

When deciding whether to pursue graded music exams, it’s essential to carefully consider the individual goals and learning styles of the student. While exams offer a structured framework for learning and assessment, they should be viewed as one part of a holistic musical education rather than the sole measure of a musician’s abilities. Here’s an overview of the advantages that come with taking graded music exams through institutions like ABRSM or Trinity College.

Structured Learning Path

Graded music exams provide a structured learning path offering a systematic progression from beginner to advanced.

Goal Setting and Motivation

Exams set clear goals for musicians to work towards, fostering motivation and discipline in their practice.

Feedback from Experts

Examiners provide constructive feedback on a candidate’s performance, helping them identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Recognition and Certification

Successfully completing graded exams results in internationally recognized certifications, acknowledging a musician’s level of proficiency.

Development of Musical Skills

The exams assess a range of musical skills, including technique, interpretation, aural skills, and sight-reading, contributing to a well-rounded musical education.

Credibility in Musical Education

Graded exams provide a credible and standardized way to measure and communicate a musician’s skill level in the broader musical community.



What's ABRSM?

The most renowned examination board for music assessments is ABRSM. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is a globally recognized institution headquartered in London, founded in 1889. ABRSM focuses on providing a comprehensive system of music exams and assessments for a wide range of instruments and musical abilities. Their exams are designed to motivate and support students of all ages and levels, offering a structured pathway to musical excellence.

When are ABRSM Exams held?

Exams organized by ABRSM are scheduled throughout the year, usually once per term; providing candidates with flexibility to choose exam dates that suit their preparation schedule. This year-round availability allows for a personalized approach to exam preparation and ensures that musicians can participate when they feel ready.

Why choose ABRSM Music Exams?

Musicians often choose ABRSM for its long-standing reputation, rigorous assessment standards and comprehensive syllabus. ABRSM exams are recognized globally and are considered a benchmark for musical achievement. The structured approach of ABRSM allows candidates to progress through grades, building a solid foundation for musical proficiency.

Who are ABRSM Graded Music Exams for?

ABRSM caters to a broad spectrum of musicians, ranging from beginners to advanced players. Their graded exams are suitable for individuals of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging lifelong musical learning. Graded Music Exams are offered on a multitude of instruments, including piano, violin, flute and voice, accommodating the diverse interests of aspiring musicians.

Where are ABRSM Exams conducted?

ABRSM conducts exams globally, with examination centers in numerous countries. Their examination venues are strategically located, ensuring accessibility for musicians across different regions. These centers are often affiliated with schools or independent venues. ABRSM’s global presence contributes to the international recognition and acceptance of their graded music exams.

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