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Hampstead Piano Academy

We are a private music school located in Hampstead London that provides one to one piano tuition at all levels and ages, extending from young beginners to enthusiastic adults.


We are experienced in preparing students for ABRSM, Trinity College and LCM music theory and piano exams at every proficiency tier, taking pride of an 80% of distinction results.

Professional Curriculum

Covering a wide range of musical genres, including classical and jazz, our curriculum allows students to explore their preferences while developing an understanding of music making.

Annual Studens Concert

In parallel, the academy organizes yearly public concerts, granting pupils a platform to exhibit their accomplishments borne out of dedication, hard work, and enjoyment.

One-to-one Piano Tuition

Our teaching is a testament to our commitment to fostering a deep love for music, enabling students to unlock their full potential. This tailored approach ensures that every learner, regardless of age or level, embarks on a musical journey that’s as unique as they are, enriched by expert guidance and personalized attention.

NW3 Piano Studio

Based in the heart of Hampstead NW3, our studio enjoys a strategic location providing easy access from neighboring areas like St. John’s Wood, Golders Green and the London borough of Camden, encompassing the vibrant locales of Hampstead Village, West Hampstead, Swiss Cottage and Belsize Park.

Dedicated Piano Teachers

The piano teachers at Hampstead Piano Academy are prize-winners of international competitions and hold Master’s Degrees from prestigious music institutions like the Royal College of Music and Trinity Laban Conservatoire. Their expertise and performance experience contribute to a richer understanding of music for the students.

High Quality Pianos

Beyond technique, musicality blossoms on quality instruments. The rich tonal palette and resonance of such pianos inspire practice and dedication. Learning the piano on high-quality instruments is a pivotal factor that influences a student’s musical development, empowering players to delve into dynamics, phrasing, and interpretation.

Unleash Your Musical Potential

Explore our Piano Lessons

Our comprehensive range of music classes encompasses a diverse array of musical disciplines, catering to students of all ages and skill levels. Whether our pupils are embarking on their first steps in music, preparing for exams or seeking to refine their performance in a particular genre, our classes are designed to cater to a wide range of interests, aspirations and abilities. Our commitment to musical excellence is reflected in the variety of areas we offer classes in:

Classical Piano Lessons in Hampstead

Classical Piano Lessons

Whether you are looking for fun lessons, for some intellectual stimulation or a push towards certain aim, our teachers adapt their lessons to the students’ pace.

Our goal is to educate well-rounded musicians with the most appropriate technique for them and a good sense of musicality that will allow them to communicate without words.

ABRSM Piano Exam Teacher

ABRSM Piano Lessons

Taking students from scratch to Grade 8 and beyond is part of our daily routine. Our specialized ABRSM exam preparation program designs a personalized strategy according to the students strenghts.

We equip students with required expertise for the exam while fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for the nuances of music.

Jazz Piano Lessons in Hampstead London

Jazz Piano Lessons

If your interest in piano music goes beyond the classics and you want to learn how to play spontaneously, jazz piano lessons will give you new ideas to explore.

Through the most popular jazz and blues standards, you will learn the harmony, scales and structures to create your own pieces or to improvise in the next jam session.

Online Piano Lessons Zoom and SKype

Online Piano Lessons

We are excited to offer online piano lessons, providing a flexible and convenient way to learn and improve your piano skills from the comfort of your own space.

Our online piano lessons maintain the same high standards of teaching and personalized attention that our in-person lessons provide, making it a valuable option for students learning from home.

Piano duet lessons for a couple

Piano Duet Lessons

Piano duet is an ensemble class to make music with others, perfect for students willing to get involved in chamber music and explore their lessons from a new perspective.

Regardless of age and level, these lessons are a great team work. Students socialize, support each other and learn to respect their peers while playing together on the same instrument.

Music Playgroup for preschoolers in Hampstead London

Music Playgroup

Our musical playgroup, designed for our youngest learners under the age of 5. offers a delightful opportunity for children to engage in musical exploration and creativity.

It’s the perfect introduction to the world of music, where kids not only learn foundational musical concepts but also develop social skills through shared musical experiences.

Music theory courses

Learn Music Theory

Learning music theory is a fundamental and integral aspect of becoming a well-rounded musician.

It provides the essential framework and understanding that enhances your ability to comprehend, interpret and create music.

While practical skills such as playing an instrument are crucial, music theory enriches your musical experience in several significant ways. 

Grade 1 music theory course
Grade 2 Music theory online course
Grade 3 Music Theory Course for ABRSM and Trinity
Grade Music Theory Course for ABRSM and Trinity
Grade 5 Music Theory Course for ABRSM and Trinity


Our Piano Teachers

Mario and Angela, accomplished pianists and passionate teachers, have brought their expertise and love for music to Hampstead by establishing the Hampstead Piano Academy.

With a shared vision to inspire and educate, they have created a school for aspiring pianists of all ages and levels.


The highest standards. The happiest parents.

Students and families have described us as patient, professional and structured, at the same time of being fun, enthusiastic and kind.

More than 29, five-star reviews make us stand for our commitment to provide the best attention to each student.

Vladislav Ovcharenko
Vladislav Ovcharenko
I am an adult learner and my experience with Mario has been exceptional! He is an outstanding teacher who skillfully guided me from simple pieces to playing proper music that brings me lots of joy! 🙂
Elianne G
Elianne G
I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible progress my 9-year-old son, Noah, has made in his piano studies under your guidance, Mario. When Noah first began his journey as a piano student just a few months ago, he was a complete beginner. However, thanks to your dedicated and exceptional teaching methods, he has achieved a remarkable feat—a distinction in his recent ABRSM piano exams. This achievement exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't be more delighted. Your commitment to Noah's musical education and your ability to impart your knowledge and passion for piano have truly made a significant impact. Your teaching techniques are not only effective but also inspiring, motivating Noah to practice and excel. We appreciate your patience, encouragement, and the positive learning environment you provide. Noah's newfound love for the piano is a testament to your dedication as a teacher. Once again, thank you for your exceptional guidance and for nurturing Noah's musical talents. We are truly grateful to have you, Mario, as his piano teacher. ET
Shuji and Momoko Chitose
Shuji and Momoko Chitose
We are truly fortunate to have Mario as our children's piano teacher. Their genuine love for his lessons is a testament to his exceptional teaching abilities. Mario's guidance has ignited their passion for music, fostering growth beyond technique. His personalized approach and supportive demeanor create an environment where they thrive and express themselves freely. We are immensely grateful for the inspiration and mentorship Mario provides on their remarkable musical journey. Highly recommended!
Nicolas Laurent
Nicolas Laurent
I had the chance to have Angela as a teacher for the past 3 years. I started the piano as a total beginner, not knowing much about music theory, and today can play pieces from Bach and Chopin which I thought were way out of reach. Thank you so much for sharing your passion and knowledge over the past few years.
Mike Perrow
Mike Perrow
As an adult learning Jazz piano, Mario has been a fantastic teacher! He's always been extremely supportive and patient with me, and in addition to helping me master songs and make them my own, he has also helped me to understand some complex Jazz theory.
Elena Mushinskaya
Elena Mushinskaya
Really great support from Mario who managed over just 3 lessons to help our 12 year old son pass music theory grade 5 exam after 2 failed attempts.
A. Tehrani
A. Tehrani
I have been taking piano lessons with Mario for more than two years. I think Mario has all the qualities of a good teacher, especially when it comes to teaching adults (which I think can be very challenging). He is very knowledgable, patient, organised and creative in his way of teaching. There is always a balanced combination of theory, technique and fun in his lessons. I absolutely recommend him.
Stephan Luis
Stephan Luis
Mario and Angela are a strong team dedicated to providing quality musical services to young musicians. Mario provided accompaniment to my children's ABRSM level 2 violin exam, which they both got merit grates. Mario was instructive during their performance preparation and very dependable as a accompanist.
Dorothee Meric
Dorothee Meric
Great teacher, kind and patient with children.
I highly recommend Hampstead Piano Academy to anyone looking to build a strong Piano foundation through a structured and enjoyable learning experience. Mario is exceptional. He has a ton of experience and endless patience. He helped my daughter prepare for ABRSM practical exam where she received Distinction. He can also customize the learning experience to suit anyone's level.


Graded Piano Exams

ABRSM Music theory grade 1
Trinity college london music theory grade 1
London college of music music theory grade 1

ABRSM, Trinity and LCM

We place a significant emphasis on exam preparation, considering it a cornerstone of our services.

Whether a student is taking their first steps into the world of exams or is a seasoned performer aiming to excel, our school goes the extra mile to ensure that pupils are well-equipped and confident when facing exams.

Mock Piano Exams

We organize exam simulations prior to students’ graded exams. Recreating the exam process, they are assesed following the appropriate marking criteria for each grade.

Mock exams in piano and theory are available  for our students and also for external candidates wishing to receive professional feedback before the day.


Intensive Piano Courses

Hampstead Piano Academy’s intensive music courses offer a fantastic opportunity to stay engaged with the piano during summer holidays and half terms.

Designed to cater to various abilities and age groups, these courses provide an intensive but fun enriching musical experience.

Whether you’re an adult student with time off, or a parent looking to make the most of breaks from school, our intensive courses offer a range of options to suit your preferences.


Piano Services Suite

Piano Accompanist for ABRSM Exams

Are you preparing for an upcoming music exam and seeking the perfect piano accompanist to enhance your performance? Our skilled pianists are here to elevate your exam experience, providing the ideal musical backdrop that showcases your talents to the fullest.

Pianist for Events in Hampstead

Immerse your event in the magic of live music. Our pianists are dedicated to creating a musical background that resonates with your guests, leaving a lasting memory. Add a touch of elegance and enchantment to your special occasion in Hampstead with a classical or jazz pianist.

Piano Accompanist for ABRSM Exams

Are you preparing for an upcoming music exam and seeking the perfect piano accompanist to enhance your performance? Our skilled pianists are here to elevate your exam experience, providing the ideal musical backdrop that showcases your talents to the fullest.

Pianist Hire for Events in Hampstead London

Pianist for Events in Hampstead

Immerse your event in the magic of live music. Our pianists are dedicated to creating a musical backdrop that resonates with your guests, leaving a lasting memory. Add a touch of elegance and enchantment to your special occasion in Hampstead with a classical or jazz pianist.


A priceless present for a lifetime of music

Piano lessons are a unique and meaningful gift that resonates with melody and joy.

An extraordinary present that will inspire and captivate your loved one.

Our Piano Lessons Gift Package is a remarkable way to celebrate a special occasion or simply show your appreciation.



Is my child ready to start piano?
The age at which a child can start learning the piano varies, as each child’s readiness and development are unique. Generally, children aged 3 to 5 can begin their relationship with music in a Music Playgroup, progressing to one-to-one piano lessons around the age of 6 years old. However, it’s important to consider a few factors when determining the ideal starting age for your child.
Do you teach adults?
Yes, absolutely! We provide piano lessons for adults as well. Whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate player looking to progress, or an advanced pianist seeking to refine your technique, we offer tailored lessons that cater to your individual goals and aspirations.
Where do you teach?

Hampstead Piano Academy is located in Hampstead, London, specifically in the NW3 area. Our studio is situated in a convenient and easily accessible location for students residing in various nearby neighborhoods. Read about our Hampstead location.

Do I need my onw instrument?

Yes, having access to a piano or keyboard is essential for effective piano lessons. Having your own instrument ensures that you can practice regularly, apply the techniques you learn during lessons and make steady progress in your musical journey. Practicing on a consistent basis is key to developing your skills and achieving your musical goals. Read more.

How often should I take lessons?

The ideal frequency of piano lessons is once a week. Taking weekly lessons is a cornerstone of effective musical education, offering a multitude of advantages that contribute to a student’s progress, consistency and overall musical development.

Can't commit to a weekly slot?

No problem. Ad-hoc piano lessons are your solution.

Understanding the challenge of committing to a fixed weekly schedule for piano lessons is crucial, especially for adults juggling numerous responsibilities. Life’s demands can often make it difficult to adhere to a set routine. However, there’s a solution that caters to your unique lifestyle while reaping the countless benefits of ad-hoc piano lessons.


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Finchley Road station: Jubilee & Metropolitan Lines, 3 minutes walk.


Buses 13, 113 and 187 stop at the O2 Centre stop. Then, 2 minutes walk.


West Hampstead Thameslink station, 12 minutes walk. 


Finchley Road and Frognal, 2 minutes walk.

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