75 minutes to an outstanding mark in your Grade 1 Music Theory Exam. 

First class musicians will teach you music theory Grade 1 in 59 mini lessons.

For years music theory has been taught in in the school classroom.

That was an old-fashioned life which is now changing into a revolutionary world.

The new generation is ready to take over. Are you?

From zero to Grade 1 in less than 2 hours!

ABRSM Grade 1 music theory online course bundle

Grade 1 Music Theory

Designed exclusively by Hampstead Piano Academy, this Grade 1 music theory course is a 100% self-paced, online program. The course is composed of 59 video lessons, 1 tuition book, 22 pages of exercises and dozens of quizzes.  

The contents follow the standard requirements of the two most recognized music theory curricula in the world, plus some personal advice from our own experience as music teachers. Taking this course, you will learn music theory and understand what to expect in an online exam.

Online music theory course grade 1
Online music theory lesson

Online Lessons

Lectures are taught in the form of easy-to-follow video tutorials. Very short and to the point. Each lesson lasts about 1-2 minutes, and the full Grade 1 course takes just over an hour to be completed. An animated power point presentation is shown to the student, supported by a voiceover with subtitles. The course is structured into 12 chapters; each of them includes about 5 lessons, quizzes and written exercises to be completed by the student.

Grade 1 Music Theory Book

The video course is accompanied by an adjacent tuition book. This manual provides the student with a written version of the Grade 1 course. The book follows the same structure and contents explained in the video lessons and it includes 22 pages of practical exercises with model answers. Available as an eBook or paperback, it is a support for students to make their own annotations while watching the lessons, as well as a guide for further studies on music theory.

Music theory quizzes

Exercises and Quizzes

Music theory is not just about understanding a hundred rules and memorizing concepts! The best way to study music theory is actually in practice. During the course, pupils learn how to apply all contents into actual excerpts of classical music. After each chapter, there are different online quizzes to practice each lesson’s topic. Plenty of written exercises and model answers are also included in the Grade 1 book or can be downloaded from the course platform.

Self-paced Grade 1 Music Theory Online Course

Taking the Grade 1 Music Theory Course

ABRSM grade 1 syllabus

Grade 1 syllabus

Become more confident with the ABRSM Grade 1 syllabus, as well as with Trinity College contents and some extra tips you will be provided with. The course has been updated to comply with the last revision of the syllabuses, made in 2020.   

ABRSM Music Theory grade 1 syllabus
Online music theory exam grade 1

Online Music Theory

Did you know that music theory exams are no longer offered in person nor in paper? Adapt to the new concept of learning and assessing music theory online. In this course, you will get familiar with the tasks presented for the online format.

Music Theory near me

Lifetime Access

Learn at a time that is convenient to you. Just log in whenever it suits you and spend as much time as you need with the frequency you wish. Access is unlimited and lessons can be reproduced infinite times.

ABRSM Music theory grade 1
Trinity college london music theory grade 1
London college of music music theory grade 1

Motives to take this Grade 1 Course

study music theory fast

Study all Grade 1 topics in 75 minutes

grade 1 theory book

Obtain a paperback or eBook version of the course

music theory fast

Save time on your instrument's lesson

music theory exercises

Learn from animated examples, diagrams and graphics

grade 1 theory exercises

Familiarize yourself with online exams

fast music theory

Get instant correction of your quizzes

Avoid common mistakes in the ABRSM and Trinity College music theory exams

What’s Included?

Online music theory course grade 1
Bundle Music Theory Grade 1
Grade 1 Music Theory Book

Grade 1 Music Theory Contents

There are dozens of institutions awarding music certificates around the world. Two of the major companies in the UK and worldwide are ABRSM and Trinity College of Music London.

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is the most popular board in English-speaking countries. It has a set of eight graded levels on music theory and nine on instrumental performance.

This online course covers and merges the contents of both, ABRSM and Trinity College Grade 1 music theory from the current syllabus, last updated in 2020:


The Music Stave

The Grand Stave

Parts of a Note

Writing Notes


The Treble Clef

The Bass Clef


Ledger Lines

Time Values

Note Values

Rest Values

Music Note Tree

Dotted Values

Dotted rests values

Bars and bar lines

Ties and slurs

Time Signatures

What are the numbers for?

Time Signatures Classification

Common time and Alla breve

Time signatures accentuation



Beaming Quavers

Beaming Semiquavers

Beaming Dotted Rhythms

Grouping Rests


Writing an accidental

Cancelling an accidental

Key and Key Signatures

Writing Key Signatures

The Circle of Fifths

How to find the Major key of a Key Signature


Tones and Semitones

Ascending Scales

Descending Scales



Tonic Triad





Harmonic and Melodic

Measuring Intervals

Unison and Octave

Grade 1 Intervals

Performance Directions




Repeat Marks

Expression Terms

Other signs

Get to know your Teachers

From writing the texts to designing the slides, this online course has been made by teachers from Hampstead Piano Academy. We have put together everything pupils need to know to succeed in their music theory studies.

Both of us hold a Master’s Degree, Postgraduate Diploma and Bachelor Degree from prestigious schools such as the Royal College of Music or Trinity Laban Conservatoire. We always got the highest marks…thanks to music theory!


How do I join the grade 1 music theory course and get access to the lessons?

By clicking the button “Enroll Course”, you will be asked to create an account at the checkout. When your purchase is complete, head to our website menu, click on ”My Account” and enter your username/email and password to access the course.

Do I need the book to take the course?

It is ideal to have a written explanation of the course in your hands. The Grade 1 music theory book is available as an eBook or paperback and will be helpful for you to make annotations and revisions. It also includes 22 pages of general exercises for further practice.  

Will I be able to learn by myself?

You can read through the book and learn music theory by yourself. However, the video tutorials will be very helpful to answer the questions most students usually have. Additionally, if you are planning to take your Grade 1 exam, you would benefit from being familiar with the online version of it, as there are no paper assessments any longer.  

Can I skip the exercises?

Students are highly recommended to practice as many exercises and quizzes as possible. The more you practice the more you will learn and the more chances you will have to achieve your desired result.  

Is it possible to ask questions about a lesson?

Yes, it is. There is a comments section where you can write a question to your teacher.

Which grade am I in?

To find out your current level, take a free mock music theory test. Also read carefully the contents of the course and ask yourself if you are confident with them.

Is music theory compulsory for a Grade 1 practical exam?

No, it is not. However, Grade 5 Music Theory is a requirement for candidates wishing to take practical exams above Grade 6.

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What should I do after completing my course?

When you finally get to the end of the course, watching all 59 lessons, completing the quizzes, the 22 pages of exercises and mock exam; you should firstly congratulate yourself! Secondly, you mainly have a couple of options:

Online music theory exam grade 1

Apply for an online exam

After the work you would have done and the time spent on it, we encourage you to apply for the Grade 1 music theory online exam. The major companies who run them are ABRSM and Trinity College London. Applications are announced frequently throughout the year and bookings can easily be made on their websites.

Music Theory Grade 2 online course

Move on to learn Grade 2

Feeling like skipping the exam? Move on to Grade 2 then! Music theory exams are only compulsory for practical graded exams from Grade 6 and beyond. Although all students are recommended to learn the subject, graded pupils are not required to pass a music theory exam until they achieve Grade 5 in their instrument.


Let our teachers guide you