Grade 1 Music Theory ABRSM Online Course

First class musicians will answer your questions about ABRSM music theory Grade 1 via Zoom live classes.  For years we have thought of music theory being taught in the school classroom. We used to live an old-fashioned life which is now changing into a revolutionary world. The new generation is ready to take over. So is Hampstead Piano Academy.

No more video tutorials!
Grade 1 ABRSM Music Theory Online Course
One term

Weekly sessions

Beginners welcome


ABRSM Grade 1

Become more confident with the ABRSM Grade 1 syllabus

Online music theory

Anywhere in the world via online videocall platform Zoom


Once a week

Who is this course for?

ABRSM candidates

  • Candidates getting ready for ABRSM Grade 1 exams and above.
  • Players at any grade who have been focusing more on performance.
  • Instrumentalist and singers who struggle with sight reading music.

All ages and levels

  • Beginners who just started learning an instrument.
  • Intermediate students willing to learn the secrets behind a music score.
  • Advanced pupils who have no in-depth knowledge of music theory

Reasons to choose us

Student-teacher interaction

The main reason why our courses are different from others is because our lessons are not previously recorded tutorials. We teach grade 1 music theory in the same way teachers usually do in a school environment, but we just changed from the old classroom to a modern virtual space.

Live feedback

Materials and lectures are presented via Zoom live meetings and teachers provide live explanations and corrections of exercises. Pupils can see us at all times, and we still listen to them and answer their questions.

Avoid common mistakes in the ABRSM Graded theory exams.


The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is one of the most popular music examination boards in the world. It has a set of eight graded levels on both, music theory and instrumental performance.

This online course covers the contents of the ABRSM Grade 1 music theory syllabus:

Time values


Time signatures

Notes on the staves

The Treble Clef

The Bass clef


Ties and Dots


Tones and semitones

Scales and key signature

Cancelling an accidental

The tonic triad

Composing a rhythm

Performance directions

General exercises

Learning Music Theory

Any music student from anywhere in the world can sign up for these online music theory lessons.

At beginner’s level, Grades 1-3, you will learn the fundamentals of music notation, basic key signatures, scales, chords and intervals. Some musical terms, signs and their meaning.

In Grades 4 and 5, the previous will be broaden and more complicated contents will be introduced: transposition, new clefs, harmony, orchestral instrumentation, enharmonies.

In the advanced courses, Grades 6-8, you will master contents previously learned plus modulations, orchestral scores, ornaments, other languages’ musical terms and baroque

During the course, you will also apply all concepts into practical exercises and actual extracts of music. You will learn how to understand and appreciate the detailed composers’ writing so your performances are more musical and meaningful.

Stay tuned, more ABRSM music theory online courses on further grades coming soon.

Grade 1 Music Theory at the ready

There are no restrictions to sign up in this online theory courses. You just need the technology and supporting materials for your “in-home classroom”.

The classes will focus on ABRSM syllabus. Teachers will follow the structure of Grade 1 Theory Workbook and will use the AB Guide to support their explanations. Students are encouraged to get a manuscript paper book to make their notes during the lessons.

Set your cyberspace up on a quiet place in your home, away from background noises and distractions. A reliable internet connection, a charged device and the Zoom app will also create the best scenario for your course.


ABRSM Grade 1 Workbook

Grade 1 ABRSM Music theory in practice Eric Taylor book

The AB Guide to Music Theory

The AB guide to music theory Part 1 Eric Taylor book

A Manuscript Paper Book

Manuscript Book



Internet connection

Speed is the most important feature when it comes to videoconference calls.

Mobile device

A laptop, tablet, computer or smartphone.

Don’t miss your spot!

FAQ – Grade 1 Music Theory Course


How do I join the grade 1 music theory course and get access to Zoom?

By clicking the button “book now”, you will be directed into the scheduling software. When your booking is complete, a link will be sent to you. Just click on it on the day and time of your course to join the class.

Can I ask questions in a Zoom lesson? How do I interact with the teacher?

Yes, you can. There is a chat where you can write a question to your teacher, or you can click the raise hand button to request his permission to talk any time during the session. Anyway, there will be time for questions and corrections of exercises in all meetings.

How do I know which grade am I in?

Read carefully the contents of the course and ask yourself if you are confident with them. Should you prefer to have one-to-one online lessons or register your interest on other grades, please fill up the form or get in touch with us.

Is music theory compulsory for a Grade 1 practical exam?

No, it is not. However, Grade 5 Music Theory is a requirement for candidates wishing to take practical exams above Grade 6.