Piano Lessons make you smarter

Whether you’re seeking piano lessons in Hampstead, aiming to master an ABRSM exam or simply a guide back into playing, we are the specialized piano school you’ve been searching for.


Sought-after piano lessons in Hampstead

Classical Piano Lessons in Hampstead London

Dive into the elegance of classical piano with us. ย Our instructors, known for their passion and expertise, will guide you through a curriculum that has earned a 5-star rating.

Let’s unfold the magic of the classical repertoire together!

ABRSM Piano Lessons in Hampstead London

Our school not only prepares you for an ABRSM exam but crafts a personalized strategy for your success.

We approach the ABRSM exam from your strengths, ensuring a confident and triumphant exam experience.

Jazz Piano Lessons in Hampstead London

Feel the rhythm, embrace the harmony! Our jazz piano lessons are a blend of professionalism and fun.

Delve into the repertoire of jazz standards, enrich chords, create your own melodies, and navigate the art of improvisation.


Delivering Excellence



One-to-one tuition provides a learning experience that combines exceptional effectiveness with a customized approach designed to match your unique learning style.

The focused attention, tailored instruction, immediate feedback and overall supportive environment create an optimal setting for skill development, confidence building, and achieving individual goals.



Taking lessons once a week is integral to successful music education. It offers a structured learning path, regular feedback, skill retention and a supportive environment for continuous growth.

With consistency and commitment, weekly lessons help students to become well-rounded, confident musicians who can achieve their musical aspirations.


We are local!



Nestled within the heart of Hampstead, our studio serves as a nurturing haven for musical exploration and growth.

Situated in the NW3 district of London, at a stone’s throw from many local schools, our academy isn’t just a physical space; it’s a place where students can shed the worries of the day and immerse themselves in the language of music.



By founding their own piano school in Hampstead, Mario and Angela have created a space where their passion for music education and performance converges. In their hands, your musical growth is nurtured with care.

They are not just your piano teachers; they are catalysts for your journey into music, laying the foundation for an enduring appreciation and love for art.

8 Life-long benefits of learning piano


Enhances congnitive development

Playing the piano is a mental workout that sharpens cognitive skills. It enhances concentration and problem-solving abilities as you navigate musical scores. The act of coordinating both hands independently fosters improved hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, further refining your dexterity and precision.


A gateway to emotional expression

Emotionally, the piano becomes a channel for self-expression. Through music, you can convey feelings that words often fail to capture. The piano becomes a canvas for translating your emotions into melodies and harmonies, allowing you to express joy, sadness, excitement and introspection.


Sharing your music fosters teamwork

The piano is a timeless social connector. It provides a platform for collaborative performances and ensemble playing, fostering teamwork and communication skills. Sharing your musical talents with others creates bonds, whether it’s performing in a duet, accompanying a vocalist, or playing in a band.


Piano lessons for personal growth

In essence, learning the piano nurtures a holistic development that encompasses cognitive, emotional, social, and creative aspects. The skills acquired through piano education are transferable to many areas of life, making the journey of learning this instrument an investment in a lifelong appreciation for music.


Develops discipline and perseverance

Progressing from simple tunes to complex compositions requires consistent practice and patience. This journey instills a sense of dedication and work ethic that translates into other areas of life, encouraging a growth mindset that embraces challenges as opportunities for growth.


Cultivating musicality enriches appreciation

As you explore classical, jazz, pop, or even create your own compositions, you develop a heightened sensitivity to nuances in melody, harmony and rhythm. This musical awareness enhances your everyday experiences, making you more attuned to the melodies of life.


The piano is a vessel for lifelong learning

Its vast repertoire spans centuries, ensuring a constant exploration of new pieces, styles and techniques. From early Baroque to the most recent compositions, this continuous growth mindset lays the foundation for a lifelong commitment to learning.


Public performance empowers confidence

Be it in recitals, concerts, or competitions, performance opportunities empower students to overcome stage fright and develop public speaking skills. These public experiences build students self-confidence and resilience, preparing them for various life scenarios.

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