Pianist for Hire in London

Uniqueness that captivates your guests

Hire a London pianist and let the keys of the piano tell a story to complement your event’s narrative. Our pianist services add a layer of elegance, emotion and artistry that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

London events with a unique touch

The power of live piano music

Are you planning an unforgettable event in London? Our Academy offers top-tier pianist services that will infuse your special occasion with enchanting melodies and a touch of musical elegance.

While DJs and recorded music have their place, a live pianist brings a level of authenticity and uniqueness that captivates the audience. Guests are drawn to the pianist’s skill, passion and the captivating stories told through the music.

Hire a pianist for an event in London

Hire a Pianist in London

Bespoke music for any type of event


Add a touch of romance to your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or reception.

Dinner Parties

Immerse your guests in an intimate atmosphere at your dinner party with piano music.


From birthdays to anniversaries, our pianists tunes will bring smiles to faces for the occasion.


Honor achievements and milestones with the memorable melodies.

Corporate events

Enhance your gatherings, product launches and networking events.

Your event is not on the list? Send us an email with more details and we will be able to assist you.

Why hiring a London Piano Player?

6 Reasons to choose us

Musical Mastery

Our pianists are accomplished musicians, bringing years of training and performance experience to your event. Their skill and artistry promise to create an ambiance that resonates with your guests.

Versatile Repertoire

Whether you’re seeking classical melodies, modern tunes, jazz standards or a mix of genres, our pianists have a diverse repertoire to cater to your preferences and set the perfect mood.

Tailored Performances

We collaborate with you to understand the theme and atmosphere you envision for your event. Our pianists tailor their performances to align with your vision, enhancing the overall experience.

Captivating Entertainment

A live pianist brings a unique form of entertainment that captivates your guests. The beauty of live music creates a memorable and immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Our pianists arrive well-prepared and punctual, making sure the musical part of your event is smooth and on point. Professionalism is at our core, ensuring a delightful performance.


Having a pianist as a focal point adds an element of sophistication and elegance. The visual presence of a grand piano and the sound of live music contribute to the event’s aesthetic appeal.

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