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100% made by Hampstead Piano Academy, the Grade 2 music theory course is composed of 70 short and easy-to-follow lectures.

Get rid of the stress of music theory and have fun completing the quizzes.

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What is online music theory about?

This course has been created as a resource for students to self-study music theory online. All ABRSM and Trinity College Grade 2 music theory contents have been merged into 70 video tutorials, 1 tuition book and plenty of self-grading quizzes.

Rely on our personal expertise to guide you through the ins and outs of the Grade 2 music theory and avoid the most common pitfalls on the exam day.

LEarn music theory grade 2
Online music theory lesson

Easy-to-follow video lessons

The program is presented in the form of concise video lectures, straightforward and to the point. With each lesson lasting a couple of minutes, the full course can be completed in less than 2 hours.

Animated voiceover videos with subtitles will guide you through. Put your knowledge to the test after each module and get instant feedback of your quizzes.

Grade 2 Music Theory Book

The grade 2 music theory course comes with an auxiliary tuition book structured in the same way as the video course. It is a written version of the video lessons that provides further support for students and grants direct access to the quizzes.

Available as a downloadable eBook or as paperback, it gives the students freedom to make their own annotations and to keep studying when no internet connection is ready for use.

Music theory quizzes

Self-grading Quizzes

Who said music theory is about memorizing boring rules? The most efficient way to learn music theory is to understand the logic behind it and then putting it into practice.

After each module, pupils will apply the contents learnt to our online quizzes. These self-grading tests will provide them with insightful feedback in the blink of an eye.

Get all the confidence you need for your music theory exam with model answers based on the new online format. 

First time learning music theory?

No worries, beginners welcome!


ABRSM grade 1 syllabus

Updated Grade 2 Syllabus

When it comes to the ABRSM or Trinity College Grade 2 contents, do not be on the edge! Our course is constanly been updated to comply with the newest ABRSM and Trinity College syllabus requirements.

Grade 2 music theory intervals scales and triplets
Online music theory exam grade 1

Music Theory is now Online!

Have you heard that music theory exams are not offered in person nor in paper any longer? It is time to embrace online learning! In this Grade 2 course you will familiarize yourself with the new music theory assessments.

Music Theory near me

Unlimited Access

Get lifetime access and learn at your own pace. Log in from anywhere in the world at your most convenient time. Take the advantage of spending as long as you need on each video and revise the contents anytime. Build a strong theory foundation!

ABRSM Music theory grade 1
Trinity college london music theory grade 1
London college of music music theory grade 1

Benefits of studying this Grade 2 Course

Music theory foundation

Build a strong foundation for future grades

Music stand

Understand music scores at a glance

music theory fast

Improve your instrument’s performances

graduated music theory student

Become a well-rounded music student

grade 1 theory exercises

Even out your instrument and theory levels

stress free online course

Avoid the stress of the compulsory Grade 5 theory

Music Theory exams are taken in 50+ countries

What’s Included?

LEarn music theory grade 2
Grade 2 music theory bundle
Grade 1 Music Theory Book


Music certifications are awarded by dozens of organisations all around the world. Based in London, ABRSM and Trinity College of Music are the two leading examination boards.

This online course compiles all music theory contents from ABRSM and Trinity College current syllabus, last updated in 2020.


♦ The Music Stave
♦ The Grand Stave
♦ Parts of a Note
♦ Writing Notes
◊ Drawing note-heads or semibreves
◊ Drawing stems
◊ Drawing tails


♦ The Treble Clef
♦ The Bass Clef
♦ Writing changes of clefs
♦ Pitch
♦ Ledger Lines

Time Values

♦ Note Values
♦ Rest Values
◊ Drawing rests
♦ Music Note Tree
♦ Dotted Values
◊ Drawing Dots
♦ Dotted rests values
♦ Bars and bar lines
♦ Ties and slurs
◊ Lengthening weak beats
◊ Accidentals on tied notes

Time Signatures

♦ What are the numbers for?
♦ Time Signatures Classification
♦ Common time and Alla breve
♦ Time signatures accentuation
♦ Changes of time signatures

Confusing Time Signatures

♦ Rewriting music in a new time signature
◊ From 4/4 to 4/2
◊ From 3/4 to 3/8
◊ From 3/2 to 3/4
◊ From 2/2 to 2/4


♦ How to write triplets


♦ Beaming foundation
◊ Notes with the same number of flags
◊ Notes with different number of flags
◊ Dotted notes
♦ Time signatures with a crotchet beat
◊ Beaming Quavers
◊ Beaming Semiquavers
◊ Beaming Dotted Rhythms
◊ Avoid ties
◊ Syncopation
◊ Rests in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4
♦ Time signatures with a minim beat
◊ Beaming quavers and semiquavers in 2/2, 3/2, 4/2
◊ Rests in 2/2, 3/2, 4/2
◊ Avoid ties
♦ Time signatures with a quaver beat
◊ Beaming quavers and semiquavers in 3/8
◊ Rests in 3/8
♦ Grouping Rests – General rules
◊ Whole Bar Rest
◊ Grouping rests shorter than a beat


♦ Writing an accidental
♦ Cancelling an accidental

Key and Key Signatures

♦ Major and minor modes
♦ Grade 2 Key Signatures
♦ Writing Key Signatures
♦ The Circle of Fifths
♦ How to find the Major key of a Key Signature
♦ How to find the key signature of a minor key
♦ How to find the key of a piece


♦ Tones and Semitones
♦ Major Scales
◊ Grade 2 Major scales
◊ Descending Major Scales
♦ Degrees
♦ Minor scales
◊ Grade 2 minor scales


♦ Tonic Triad
♦ Chord inversions
♦ Arpeggios
◊ Broken chords


♦ Harmonic and Melodic
♦ Measuring Intervals by number
◊ Intervals and Accidentals
◊ Unison and Octave
◊ Grade 2 Intervals
♦ Measuring intervals by quality
◊ Major and minor 2nds
◊ Major and minor 3rds
◊ Perfect 4ths
◊ Perfect 5ths
◊ Octaves (8ves)


♦ Sequences

Performance Directions

♦ Dynamics
♦ Tempo
◊ Tempo Markings
◊ Tempo Changes
◊ Metronome Marks
♦ Articulation
◊ Legato
◊ Staccato
◊ Accent
◊ Tenuto
◊ Sforzando
◊ Marcato
◊ Legato-staccato
◊ Staccatissimo
♦ Repeat Marks
◊ Repeat Signs
◊ First and second time bar
◊ Da Capo al Fine
◊ Dal Segno
♦ Expression Terms
◊ Cantabile
◊ Dolce
◊ Espressivo
◊ Giocoso
◊ Grazioso
◊ Maestoso
♦ Other signs and terms
◊ Octave
◊ Fermata
◊ Other terms
◊ Musical Vocabulary

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How do I get access to the course?

Click the button “Enroll Course” and you will be prompted to create an account at the checkout. Enter an username/email and set a password. After the purchase is completed, go to our website menu, click on ”My Account” and enter these same credentials to access the course.

Is the Textbook necessary?

Having a written description of the course in your hands is ideal. The Grade 2 music theory book is available as a downloadable eBook or as a paperback book. It also includes access to self-grading quizzes by scanning a QR Code.

Can I learn music theory by myself?

You can learn music theory by yourself by reading through the Grade 2 textbook. By experience, having access to the video tutorials is key as the teacher goes through the questions students usually find when studying.

Are you also planning to take the Grade 2 exam? Then, familiarize with the online version as paper assessments are no longer offered.

Can I skip the quizzes?

Pupils are highly recommended to go through all exercises and quizzes to test their knowledge prior to the exam.

Can I ask a teacher for help?

Yes, you can send us a message anytime. Once in the learning mode, type your question in the comments section at the bottom left corner.

Which grade am I in?

Read through the Grade 2 contents and ask yourself how confident you feel with them. Give this grade 1 mock exam quiz a go to test your music theory knowledge.

One-to-one live lessons are also available. Please register your interest on other grades, or get in touch with us.

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