Terms and Conditions

  • Tuition will be booked in series of 10 lessons.
  • Hampstead Piano Academy will provide a personal calendar with the dates and times previously agreed with the student/parent/guardian.
  • Hampstead Piano Academy reserves the right to update its fees at any time.
  • The pupil’s place is not secured until payment has been made.
  • A minimum of 10 lessons upfront payment is required to secure a place at the Academy. Once payment has been received, the booking will be confirmed.
  • When fees are not paid on time, the Academy reserves the right to cancel all sessions previously agreed.
  • Hampstead Piano Academy accepts cash, cheques and online transfers.
  • Unless exceptional circumstances, fees will not be refundable.
  • Hampstead Piano Academy will assign a permanent weekly slot for the student. This will be agreed according to the free slots available for a particular teacher. Hampstead Piano Academy cannot guarantee that all pupil’s requests will be fully accommodated.
Changes of schedule
  • In case of lateness the lesson time will not be extended and unless exceptional circumstances occur, they are unlikely to start early.
  • The student will commit to the same time slot throughout the academic year. The teacher makes every effort to keep the slot unchanged and expects the same from the pupil.
  • Changes of schedule will be subject to the teacher’s availability.
  • Hampstead Piano Academy will charge for any scheduled lessons which the student does not attend, unless the pupil has given at least 48 hours’ written notice.
  • Hampstead Piano Academy strongly recommends the student to inform the teacher about any absences planned in advance.
Makeup and rescheduled lessons
  • Slots offered to a pupil cannot be assigned to someone else in case of absence. Therefore, missed lessons cannot be refunded or rescheduled.
  • The teacher will rearrange a lesson only if a minimum of 48 hours’ notice has been given. Any changes on the lesson’s day or time requested under the 48 hours’ policy will result in a cancellation and the session will not be refunded or rescheduled.
  • Regardless of the place where the lessons take place on a regular basis, any makeup session will be subject to availability and will take place at Hampstead Piano Academy’s studio.
Teacher’s absences
  • Hampstead Piano Academy will inform of any teacher’s absence planned in the student’s personal calendar.
  • If the Teacher is absent or cancels a scheduled lesson, the pupil may choose between receiving a makeup session or a lesson from a substitute teacher.
  • Hampstead Piano Academy shall only refund the price of a lesson missed by a teacher if the teacher is unable to make it up.
Piano Duet Cancellation Policy
  • Dates will be agreed between the teacher and the two members of the duet.
  • If only one duet member cancels a lesson with less than 48h notice, his /her colleague will still have the right to attend the lesson on his /her own, although no refund or make up lesson would be offered to the first student.
  • If both students cancel a lesson with less than 48h notice, none of them will be offered a refund/make up session.
  • Teachers are not responsible for any extra work to be done outside the lesson time. Hampstead Piano Academy does not guarantee that a student’s musical ability will be improved as a result of the lessons, as it is the student’s commitment to practice what will impact directly on their progress.
  • Hampstead Piano Academy cannot guarantee any result expected in an exam or performance event. The chances of success will not only depend on the teacher’s input but also on the quality and quantity of work done by the pupil between the lessons.
  • Hampstead Piano Academy requires all students to conduct themselves accordingly and appropriately, with respect to the teacher and peer learners at all times during the lesson and when in the premises. If the teacher, in his or her reasonable opinion, feels unable to continue tuition due to inappropriate conduct by the pupil or anyone connected with the pupil, the fees for any outstanding lessons will not be refunded and tuition may be ended.
  • Tuition may be ended by the student or teacher given one month written notice of termination.
  • When fees are not paid on time, Hampstead Piano Academy reserves the right to terminate tuition with immediate effect.
  • For the purposes of these terms, written notice must be given by email.
  • By making a payment for the first series of lessons, the student agrees to these Terms and Conditions and brings into existence a legally binding personal contract between teacher and student (parent/guardian).
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