ABRSM MOCK EXAMS | Piano and Music Theory

ABRSM Mock Exams in Piano and Theory

ABRSM MOCK EXAMS | Piano and Music Theory

ABRSM and Trinity College recommend all candidates to have a mock exam before the official event. Hampstead Piano Academy’s ABRSM Mock exams are the best opportunity to overcome any fears and gain more confidence.

Performing in front of an examiner may be a stressful scenario that could prevent you from doing your best.  Whether you want to track your progress or have an insightful advice, a mock exam can give you enough time to make the necessary improvement some weeks ahead of your exam.

ABRSM Mock Piano Exams

Our team of piano teachers can test how prepared you are and will help you make the most of your practice time and actual performance. Along with a mock piano exam, Hampstead Piano Academy will provide a written feedback based on ABRSM or Trinity College exam templates and marking criteria. It will include points on tone quality, musical shaping, rhythm and tempo, technique advice and performance attitude.

Hampstead Piano Academy hosts ABRSM mock exams in a grand piano and provides candidates with a warm-up room 10 minutes prior to their performance.


ABRSM Mock Theory Exams

Mock Music Theory Exams include a one-to-one tutorial to revise all mistakes and are a good chance to get used to the time limit.

Send us a message or complete the form and we will arrange your mock exam.

ABRSM Mock Exams Booking form

Tips before a mock exam


Develop the habit of practicing your three pieces in a row without stopping. Slips may occur but always try to carry on. Stick to the order you will play in the exam.

Make page-turning easier by photocopying the last pages of your pieces.


While playing all scales will not be required on the exam day, candidates need to learn them all. The examiner will choose a few from each group to be played legato, staccato, hands together or separately depending on the grade.


Going through all examples in the ABRSM specimen sight reading book is key to succeed at the sight reading test. However if you feel unprepared, our sight reading intensive courses can give you a boost.


Train yourself with the ABRSM aural trainer app. It is fun and its exercises are very similar to the exam’s.

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