Piano Lessons Gift Packages

Unwrap the gift of music

Whether it’s for a budding musician, a curious beginner or someone who wants to reignite their passion, our piano lesson gift packages put smiles on faces.

Gift piano lessons

Tailored packages for each student

There is not a set package to select from, as we aim to tailor each package to each individual student. Drop us an email with some information about the student and we will be able to design the perfect package for the occasion.

get a Gift Package in 3 steps

How it works

Whether they dream of playing a favorite tune, honing their skills or discovering their inner artist, our Piano Lesson Gift Package offers them the perfect opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery through music.

Choose Your Package

Discuss with us what will best suit your loved one’s needs, whether a bundle of taster lessons or an advanced series.

Receive Your Coupon

Receive a coupon code with the package’s credit and access to our piano lessons scheduler.

Redeem and Begin

The recipient can choose a slot in the scheduler and redeem their lessons at convenience.

Gift piano lessons

5 Reasons to choose us

Flexible Scheduling

Our lesson packages are designed to accommodate busy lives. With flexible scheduling options, recipients can choose lesson times that suit their availability.

Comprehensive Learning

From classical pieces to contemporary melodies, our diverse curriculum encompasses various musical genres and styles, ensuring a well-rounded musical education.

Expert Instruction

Our piano teachers are passionate about nurturing musical talents. With their guidance, your loved one will receive expert coaching that focuses on technique and musicality.

unforgettable Experience

Give the gift of learning and self-expression. Our piano lessons offer an enriching experience that lasts a lifetime, creating cherished memories.

Tailored to All Levels

Whether the student is a complete beginner, an intermediate player or just returning to the piano, our lessons are personalized to the students level and goals.

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