Piano teachers in Hampstead London

Piano teachers in Hampstead

Mario and Angela, accomplished pianists and passionate teachers, have brought their expertise and love for music to Hampstead by establishing the Hampstead Piano Academy.

With a shared vision to inspire and educate, they have created a school for aspiring pianists of all ages and levels.

Teachers who go beyond piano lessons

Undoubtedly, your musical journey at Hampstead Piano Academy will be profoundly shaped by the guidance and expertise of your piano teacher.

Both are exceptional instructors poised to not only impart technical knowledge but also to ignite a lifelong passion for music within you.

Their teaching philosophy transcends the ordinary, driven by a genuine desire to cultivate not just technical proficiency, but also a profound understanding of music’s essence.

Inspiring piano teachers

Angela Pagan and Mario Ahijado stand as pillars of inspiration.

Their extensive experience as active concert pianists with an international performing career underscores their profound belief on music’s transformative power.

They serve as more than instructors; they are mentors who nurture your musical aspirations.  

Through their guidance, you will embark on a journey of growth, exploration and self-discovery.

Highly qualified pianists

Their credentials are a testament to their excellence.

Both Angela and Mario hold Master’s degrees from renowned London colleges, solidifying their educational foundation.

Their exceptional dedication and talent have garnered them national and international recognition, demonstrated by their victories in solo competitions and as a formidable piano duo.

Their insights, drawn from years of performance experience and rigorous training, provide you with a comprehensive perspective on music that extends beyond notes and technique.

Your local piano teachers in Hampstead

Based in Hampstead NW3, our studio’s advantageous location offers easy access from adjacent areas such as St. John’s Wood, Golders Green and Camden.

The reach of our influence extends to iconic neighbourhoods like Hampstead Village, West Hampstead, Swiss Cottage and Belsize Park, forming a harmonious link between music education and the diverse energy of these vibrant communities.

Join a vibrant community of creative people

By founding their own piano school in Hampstead, Mario and Angela have created a space where their passion for music education and performance converges.

In their hands, your musical growth is nurtured with care and precision.

They are not just teachers; they are catalysts for your journey into music, laying the foundation for an appreciation and love for the art.

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