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ABRSM and Trinity Exam dates and Fees | 2019

Are you ready to take your ABRSM and Trinity piano exam this Autumn 2019? Please don’t miss the upcoming deadlines for Music Theory, Classical and jazz piano exams. Close venues to Camden, West Hampstead, St. John´s Wood and Swiss Cottage include Hampstead Town, Highgate or Central London.

Please do not hesitate to contact our piano teachers for further information about your exams, piano lessons or ABRSM and Trinity intensive courses.


ABRSM and Trinity College exams are a reliable measure of ability for music students which test skills that are often neglected such as sight reading and listening.

At Hampstead Piano Academy we make the graded exams a positive experience and rewarding process.


Both boards of examinations, ABRSM and Trinity, have updated their syllabus until 2020.

Although all scales and other supporting tests remain exactly the same as the previous syllabus, new pieces have been released.

As this may cause some confusions, please be aware of the following overlaps and deadline periods.


ABRSM Exams dates 2019

The new 2019 & 2020 ABRSM piano syllabus came into effect on 1st January 2019. All candidates are no longer allowed to play set pieces from the 2017 & 2018 syllabus. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking an ABRSM or Trinity exam this Autumn 2019, bear in mind this former syllabus will no longer be accepted.


All instruments Jazz Piano  Deadlines
Summer 2019 17 June to 20 July 17 – 29 June Friday 10 May
Autumn 2019 4 Nov – 7 Dec 4 – 16 November Friday 27 Sept


ABRSM Practical Exam Fees 2019

Grade 1 £41
Grade 2 £47
Grade 3 £54
Grade 4 £60
Grade 5 £65
Grade 6 £75
Grade 7 £80
Grade 8 £95


ABRSM Practical Exam Marks

All ABRSM Practical exams are assessed in the following four subjects:

Three Performance pieces marked out of 30
Scales marked out of 21
Sight Reading marked out of 21
Aural skills marked out of 18


All Practical exams are marked out of a total of 150 points.


Pass 100-119
Merit 120-129
Distinction 130-150


ABRSM Music Theory exam dates

Date Time
Summer 2019 Saturday 15 June 10  am Friday 10 May
Autumn 2019 Wednesday 6 November 5 pm Friday 27 Sept


ABRSM Music Theory Exam Fees 2019

Grade 1 £28
Grade 2 £30
Grade 3 £33
Grade 4 £35
Grade 5 £38
Grade 6 £42
Grade 7 £45
Grade 8 £48


ABRSM Music Theory Exam Marks

All ABRSM Music Theory exams are marked out of 100%.

Pass 66 – 79 %
Merit 80 – 89 %
Distinction 90 – 100 %


Check their website if you need further info about the ABRSM exams dates and fees 2019.


UCAS points

Many of you may have heard of them. But what are UCAS points and how can you benefit from them?


Firstly, what does UCAS mean?

The acronym UCAS stands for The United Kingdom University and Colleges Admission Service.


Secondly, what are UCAS points?

They basically turn your grades and qualifications into a numerical value.

The good news is that music students with ABRSM qualifications at Grades 6 to 8 can benefit from UCAS points when applying to a college university.


Check the following table and find out what your qualifications are worth:

UCAS tariff points table


Trinity College Exams dates. Autumn 2019.

The new piano syllabus is valid from 1st January 2018. Furthermore, the 2015-2017 syllabus expired on 31st December 2018 and students are no longer allowed to play any piece from that syllabus.

Summer application deadline and exams dates:

Many dates throughout the term, please check their website.


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