Music performance diploma ABRSM and Trinity

Music performance diplomas

We are thrilled to see you are interested in Music Performance Diplomas, as this means you have achieved a remarkable level in piano performance.

Your mastery demonstrates a high level of dedication and disciplined practice, congratulations!

What are music performance diplomas?

The new Music Performance Diplomas are official qualifications beyond Grade 8

Provided by prestigious institutions such as ABRSM or Trinity College, they are further certified studies at higher levels than Grade 8.

Performance Diplomas in piano have different stages, named as ARSM, LRSM or FRSM, each of them granting a different level of proficiency.

How are music performance diplomas assessed?

One of the most exciting aspects of the Performance Diplomas is the digital assessment format.

Through an online submission, candidates from around the world have the flexibility to choose when to book and send their videos for their diploma assessments.

Face-to-face exams may be available in the future, but these are still rumours.

Limited time? Speed up your progress


 What’s required in a performance diploma exam?

Diplomas are designed to address the specialized skills required in the performance sector.

Candidates for Music Diplomas will need to prepare a recital performance, accompanied by supporting evidence that showcases their understanding of their chosen repertoire.

The digital format allows for convenience and accessibility, while still maintaining the integrity of the assessment process.

How do I prepare for a music diploma?

With time, patience and the right guidance.

Your programme will be designed specifically for you, adjusting the lessons’ length and frequency that best suits your needs.

You will be invited to interview to discuss a plan and timeline and to choose the most appropriate repertoire.

We look forward to meeting you

Music Performance Diplomas meet the needs of performers looking to advance their studies, as they are a continuation from Grade 8.

These diplomas offer a clear path for progression, enabling candidates to further their artistic pursuits.

Your experience is part of our commitment to offering high-quality educational programmes that cater to the evolving needs of today’s students.

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