advanced piano lessons in London

Advanced piano lessons

Tailored for those who have already achieved a competitive standard and aspire to discover their unique artistic identity, this program is a transformative experience that transcends technical proficiency.

You have come a long way

Reaching an advanced level in piano is an extraordinary achievement that marks a significant milestone in a student’s journey.

It represents a culmination of dedication, hard work and a deep passion for music.

The success of attaining advanced proficiency goes far beyond a mere certificate; it symbolizes a multifaceted triumph that resonates on both personal and musical levels.

Advanced piano lessons: Grades 7 & 8

Whether you’re preparing for Grade 7 or 8 examinations or simply seeking to elevate your artistry, our curriculum is tailored to challenge and inspire you to push your boundaries.

Through in-depth analysis and exploration of your pieces, the Advanced Programme ensures that you not only master the technical intricacies of these levels but also unleash your full musical potential.

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How long are advanced piano lessons?

Advanced Piano Lessons last for one hour weekly.

This time allows for intensive exploration of complex pieces, advanced techniques and interpretive nuances.

One-hour sessions are a natural progression for those who have already demonstrated dedication and proficiency, offering even greater musical possibilities.

Advanced piano repertoire

Grades 7 and 8 prepare you for complex piano repertoire.

In the Advanced Programme, students engage with challenging works, enhancing their ability to tackle intricate compositions with poise and finesse.

Advanced pianists navigate a diverse range of musical genres and styles, exploring compositions from different classical periods to contemporary pieces, while developing the ability to adapt their playing to various musical contexts.

Connecting with your audience

We believe that true musical excellence lies in being a thoughtful and articulated musician.

Our Advanced Programme hones your ability to deeply connect with your audience, conveying emotions, stories and ideas through your playing with depth and sensitivity.

Opening doors to further studies

It is not the end!

Reaching Grade 8 opens doors to further musical education.

Pianists can consider pursuing higher levels of music qualifications if they wish.

Examinations boards such as ABRSM and Trinity College offer a world of possibilities to continue enjoying music at an advanced level beyond Grade 8.

Ready for the challenge?

By embracing these advanced piano lessons, you’re embarking on a path towards becoming not just a pianist, but a true artist who can captivate and inspire audiences through the beauty of music.

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