Intermediate piano lessons in London

Intermediate piano lessons

Our Intermediate Programme is meticulously crafted to help students elevate their musical prowess to new heights.

Designed for teenagers and adults who have already laid a strong foundation, this program is a crucial stepping stone in the journey of piano learning.

Learning the art of interpretation

In our intermediate piano lessons, the focus extends beyond technical proficiency.

Intermediate students delve deep into the art of interpretation, learning to infuse their playing with emotion, nuance and personal expression.

This emphasis on interpretative abilities sets the stage for performances that truly resonate with audiences.

Extended lesson duration for teenagers and adults

Able to concentrate better and longer, teenagers and adults benefit from some extra time in their sessions.

Intermediate lessons are extended to 45 minutes, allowing for a deeper exploration of concepts, techniques and pieces.

This extended timeframe ensures an immersive learning experience.

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The path to Grade 6 excellence

After completing the Foundation Programme, intermediate piano lessons act as a transition from Grade 4 to Grade 6 proficiency.

Lessons take place once a week, providing consistent guidance and practice.

This frequency ensures steady progress and ample opportunity for refining skills.

Do students need to pass Grade 5 music theory?

Following ABRSM curriculum, passing Grade 5 music theory is compulsory.

Intermediate students embark on a journey of musical discovery, broadening their understanding of the “hows”, “whys” and rules of music making.

This comprehensive knowledge enhances pupils’ ability to interpret pieces with depth and insight.

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Fostering personal and artistic growth

Beyond technical and theoretical aspects, our Intermediate Programme fosters personal and artistic growth.

Students gain confidence, refine their individual playing style and develop a deeper connection to the music they create.

Continue learning music

The aim of the Intermediate Programme is to transform learners into well-rounded musicians.

By honing interpretative skills, expanding musical knowledge and embracing personal growth, intermediate students are poised to embrace a future of musical excellence.

This program prepares them to set their sights higher and challenges them to the best of their abilities.

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