Beginners piano lessons in London

Beginners piano lessons

For children as young as 5 and adult learners too, beginners piano lessons form our Foundation Programme.

It consists of 30 minutes one-to-one weekly lessons where students are guided through the basics of music notation, rhythm and technique, ensuring a strong and healthy foundation for future progress.

Nothing to be shy of, we love absolute beginners

We enthusiastically welcome absolute beginners who are starting from scratch.

Our curriculum starts with the basics, ensuring a solid foundation before progressing to more complex concepts.

Starting one-to-one piano lessons from age 5

For children as young as 5, the Foundation Programme is a captivating introduction to the piano.

Through engaging and age-appropriate one-to-one piano lessons, children embark on an exploration of sound, rhythm and melody.

The programme lays a strong foundation of music reading and piano technique, preparing students for the next step.

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It’s never too late: beginner piano lessons for adults

Adult players, too, are welcome to take beginners piano lessons.

This programme acknowledges the unique learning journey of adults, offering tailored lessons that cater to individual pace and preferences.

Whether you’re fulfilling a lifelong dream or seeking a new creative outlet, our Foundation Programme provides a supportive environment for your musical aspirations.

Progressing in piano step-by-step

Our curriculum is thoughtfully structured to ensure a gradual and systematic progression.

As you advance, you’ll explore increasingly challenging concepts, techniques, and pieces that build upon the skills you’ve acquired.

Which grade will I be on?

The Foundation Programme is tailored to take beginners from ground zero to the accomplished level of Grade 3 proficiency.

Whether you’re starting with no prior musical experience or looking to build upon existing skills, our curriculum is meticulously designed to guide pupils through every step of this transformative journey.

Discover your musical potential

Taking beginner piano lessons, students explore the craft of playing the piano.

It’s more than just learning notes; it’s about developing a deeper connection with the instrument, understanding the secrets of music and igniting a lifelong passion for this art.

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey!

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